MVP: Katie Roberts

Whether it be in front of a large or small crowd, 14-year-old figure skater Katie Roberts loves to skate. Its fun for me to show off the passion I have for this sport. Katie started skating at age 8 when her parents signed her up for an ISI Learn-To-Skate program at her local rink in Maryland. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, Katie shares that she always makes time for relaxation and friends despite her busy schedule.Katie has made many friends through figure skating, even though it is largely a solo sport. These friendships make practices and competitions enjoyable. Her friends also help encourage and push her to keep training hard. One of the most challenging parts of figure skating for Katie is doubting herself. She is determined to not let this stop her, you will always think youre not your best. You have to keep moving and push through those negative thoughts. This mindset helps Katie to be successful both on and off the rink.

Katie has a few skating accomplishments that she is currently most proud of. She landed her Axel, a jump where the skater leaps from the front edge of one skate, does a 1 rotation in the air, and lands on the outer edge of the other skate. She has been moving up in skill, passing a new level in the Ice Skating Institute as well as passing the preliminary level in the United States Figure Skating Association. These accomplishments have her setting her sites on eventually becoming a gold medalist in USFSA moves. Besides skating, Katie is focused on schoolwork and spending time with her family. She enjoys golfing in her free time, as well as playing softball and swimming. After high school, Katie would like to attend either Dartmouth or Cornell where she would join the collegiate figure skating team and major in Biology.

While some people may not enjoy the travel component of skating, this is not the case for Katie Roberts. She enjoys seeing what the different cities offer. She has been all over her home state of Maryland, in addition to places in Indiana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Her favorite places to visit are the gulf shores of Alabama and North Carolina. She also shared with us how beautiful she thinks Lake Michigan is, and cannot wait to return during the State Games of America.

With the 2017 State Games of America approaching, Katie is most excited about skating with her friends while making new ones. She states that she has improved significantly since the last State Games and is now ready for more competition and challenges that this year will offer.

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