MVP: Sydney Kosiak

“The most important lesson of all is to have faith and courage and believe in what you need to accomplish. With friends and prayer, I can reach my dreams!” Sydney Kosiak has learned this important life lesson from her time figure skating and through her hero, Martin. Sydney is from Beverly, Massachusetts and has been skating for five years. She attends Essex Agricultural and Technical High School in Danvers where her focus is Health Assisting. School and figure skating are time consuming for Sydney, but she manages to make free time to go to the beach, play with her dogs, and have fun with friends.

It is impressive how much Sydney has accomplished with only five years of skating experience. She has competed at TOI (Theatre on Ice) Nationals and skated at Halloween on Ice. She placed first at Regionals non-qualifying juvenile level, and recently passed her Novice MIF (Moves-in-the-Field). These achievements have her excited to see what she can accomplish this summer at the State Games of America.

With practice and hard work, Sydney is constantly learning new moves to improve her routines and impress judges. Practicing alone on the ice is ideal for Sydney, “I love to hear the edge of my skate rip through the ice.” The satisfaction of landing a new jump is Sydney’s favorite part of figure skating. The struggle comes for Sydney when it is time to get tested. She works so hard to perfect her moves that when it comes time to show them, she feels the pressure. Sydney’s mother is familiar with this pressure of figure skating. The sport was an important part of her life, so she introduced it to Sydney. Sydney has had her mother’s support as well as support from her all-time hero, Martin. She met Martin when she moved to Beverly and has looked up to him since. There was a time where Sydney thought was going to lose her dear friend and mentor when he became ill. However, Martin survived and is now stronger than ever. This hardship taught Sydney about strength, faith, and courage, which she uses today during everyday life as well as her figure skating career.

Sydney is looking forward to competing in the 2017 State Games of America. She has never been to Michigan so she is looking forward to exploring a new place. The Opening Ceremony will also be a highlight of her trip, as well as meeting athletes from all over the United States. We are excited to welcome Sydney to Grand Rapids!   

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