Swim Together, Stay Together

MVP: Alex & Julia Beam

By: Abby Murphy

Sisters Alex and Julia Beam, age 17 and 14, have been swimming together for over ten years. When given the chance, they enjoy the challenge and competitiveness of competing against each other. For the most part though, these sisters love to train together, travel to meets together, and cheer each other on in between their own events. I had the pleasure of being able to talk with the Beam girls and learn about their journey through swimming thus far.

Where it All Started
When they were only two and four years old, Alex and Julia Beam began their swimming journey. They started swimming lessons for the first time in their outdoor pool and have not stopped swimming since. The Beamís coach invited them to join the summer swim team. They enjoyed being on the team so much that they continued on to join the winter competitive swim team. Since then they have both gone on to join their high school swim team and compete in multiple State Games. The 2017 State Games of America will be their third State Games of America. The Beam sisters qualified last year for the Games at the Badger State Games and will be competing again at the Wisconsin Badger State Games in June. They are eager for all this summer has instore.

How They Do It
Swimming is part of the Beam sistersí daily life, and has been for the past ten years. During the school year, they go to school, the pool, and home for homework, then start it all over the next day. Their schedule gets even more chaotic when for part of their season they are also competing on the dance team. In the summer, they add in extra practice and spend most of their time swimming and working out. Many people would feel burnt out or unmotivated at this point, but not the Beam sisters. They are just as motivated and enthused as when they first started, if not more. They talk about always working to get better and improving their times for their events. Alex and Julia Beam are both very self-motivated and genuinely enjoy swimming. They could not imagine not staying busy and active each day.

Worth it All
Alex and Julia Beam are able to stay so motivated by continuing to compete and wanting to be better. They said it can be a challenge to focus on each individual event and not overthink but when they finish and see an improvement in their times they know it is all worth it. Occasionally, they get to compete against each other and enjoy the competitiveness each brings out in the other. In her first State Games, Julia Beam was ten years old and medaled in four events. She was so proud of this moment and loves coming back to the State Games to compete. At age twelve Alex Beam made sprint time for the first time and was so excited to see hard work paying off. While working on improving and going after their goals, Alex and Julia Beam love motivating and cheering on the younger athletes at the pool. They try to be a good influence and inspire them to chase their goals as well.

Alex and Julia Beam are getting ready and excited for The State Games of America 2017 in August. To compete the Beam sisters at State Games of America check out swimming.

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