Athlete Spotlight: Delsie Bonaparte, Weightlifting

By: Abby Murphy 



7 kids plus a full time job takes quite a bit of time and energy, but Delsie Bonaparte still finds time to train and win medals in weightlifting. This inspiring mother does not make any excuses. She pushes hard and has no plans of stopping. Now she is getting ready and looking forward to competing at State Games of America 2017.

Bonaparte got into lifting just two years ago in an interesting way. She was doing her normal grocery shopping when a stranger approached her and asked her if she ever thought about power lifting because she looked built for it. That day Bonaparte jumped right into it. She even went as far as to put equipment in her office in case she cannot make it to the gym.

In the past two years, Bonaparte has won many awards and medals, but her favorite moment and proudest accomplishment is her very first ever meet. She took second in it, and on her way home, sitting in the car, it hit her. She was incredibly excited and proud of herself, she knew this is something she wanted to continue in. Bonaparte did not just impress and amaze herself. She was soon approached by Bryan Beanland, a world powerlifting champion, third place Arnold winner, and renowned trainer. He told Bonaparte she needed to come train with him, and he has been her trainer and friend ever since.

Bonaparte’s favorite part of lifting though, is the people. She loves the atmosphere in the gym and at meets. Everyone is so motivating and encouraging. She says, “We might look like angry bears, but we are the biggest loving teddy bears out there.”

Bonaparte is thrilled with everything she is accomplishing, but it is not always easy. She works hard to stay motivated and push herself because it is easy to get burnt out, especially with having everyday responsibilities. Bonaparte is a full-time property manager and has 7 children, 4 at home still, and is currently coming off a broken foot. Even though it can be difficult and time consuming, she loves it and is extremely dedicated to being the best she can be. For the future, she hopes to get back to where she was before her injury, compete in a strong man competition, and go to the world championship.

Bonaparte wants to inspire others to chase their goals and do what they fear, “For everyone out there, just because you older and have a family, you can do it, I do it, it is hard and time consuming, but it does not stop me.”

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