Athlete Spotlight: Janet Brady, Track and Field

By: Abby Murphy

People are never too old to get started in something new. Janet Brady, age 59, took this to heart, and it has been paying off. She played many different team sports in high school, but it was not until age fifty that she started track and field events. Brady has won over 100 medals and awards now in track and field. One of those awards included being honored in Atlantic City for winning the National Congress of State Games Adult Female Athlete of the Year.

While working at a senior center, Brady got to know and become friends with many of the people there. An eighty-year-old lady came up to her one day and told her she should join the Senior Olympics there when she turns fifty. So, Brady did. She has been competing now for the past nine years.

Brady travels to different states to compete, but this year is excited to be competing in her home state of Michigan at the State Games of America. She is getting ready by going outside to train and practice as much as she can. She often goes to the pool and does water aerobics to keep moving and help with arthritis.

Brady is a very self-motivated individual. She says: I was going to stop competing when I got to 100 medals, but I wasnt ready to stop so Ive pushed the goal back to 150. As 150 medals approach, Brady still does not see herself stopping anytime soon. She says, I dont do it for the awards or press, I do it for me, I enjoy it and I have fun.

Brady very much enjoys being challenged and trying new things. She says her favorite event is shot put because it is the most challenging. The events all around are becoming a bit more difficult for her as she gets older and her knees are not holding up as well. This is motivating for her though, it makes her want to keep working because she loves doing it and loves the community.

When Brady is not training, she is almost always volunteering. She makes clothes and blankets for the homeless in Africa and veterans here. She loves to stay busy and help others. She also adores making time for her family and seeing them as much as possible.

Brady is a truly genuine person who just enjoys staying active and challenging herself. When asked if she had any advice to other senior citizens, she said, Do the things that you love, you may not be great at them, but do them, do it for you and have fun.

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