Athlete Spotlight: Larry Hutton, Swim

By: Abby Murphy 



Meeting new people, branching out to try new things, and maintaining a healthy living are what sports do for people. Larry Hutton began competitively swimming about 8 years ago at age 52. He has made some of his best friends, lost a ton of weight, and has had a blast doing it. He is preparing to travel all over for competitions this year and is super excited to be competing in the State Games of America for a second time.

Joining a masters swimming club is when Hutton really started to have a passion for the sport. He has won many medals but his favorite is from State Games of America 2013. It was his first national meet, his parents came out to support, and at the Opening Ceremony he said he felt like he was in the Olympics.

To stay in shape and prepare for all his competitions, Hutton is always training. In the winter, he does more of the deep-water weight training and in the spring, more of the lap swimming. Hutton explained how keeping it varied like this helps him to not get burnt out. He enjoys maintaining a healthy living and is overjoyed with the weight he has been able to lose.

When not training, Hutton plays, writes, and records music in his free time. He is a retired music teacher, but not retired from music. He has written and recorded a couple of his own records and hopes to continue doing more of that in the future between training.

At the pools and at meets, Hutton enjoys meeting new people. He says the atmosphere and all the people are great. Everyone helps to motivate and push each other. There was one meet when strangers asked Hutton to join their relay team, and he did so with excitement. He is looking forward to seeing new and old faces at this year’s State Games of America.

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