MVP: Victoria LoRusso

“What defines us is how well we rise after falling.” For figure skater, Victoria LoRusso, this quote holds deep meaning as she comes back from two injuries. Trying to overcome her injuries has not been easy for Victoria, especially when being told repetitively it would be impossible to skate competitively again. When asked what the hardest part of dealing with injury was, Victoria stated it was being sidelined from the sport she has been passionate about since age 4. Victoria is from Massachusetts and has been skating in both singles and pairs disciplines. Victoria’s cousins introduced her to both figure skating and ice hockey when she was younger. She participated in both for a while, but eventually had to decide which sport to devote her time to. She says, “Figure skating provides me with a continual source of enjoyment and self-satisfaction in mastering new skills and progressively getting stronger and better.”
Victoria’s injuries have not held her back. Her determination and hard work has Victoria on-ice training this year. She embraces her hardships, “I truly believe they have shaped me into the skater I am today.” She is training smarter than before, pushing herself, but knowing not to overdo or overwork so that she can protect her body from further injury. “Many times you literally have to fall down to pick yourself back up and try again. Normally this is a figure of speech; in skating, it’s true in every practice.” She shared with us that this type of failure and restarting helps push her to perfection during practice and is good preparation for everyday life.Victoria says balancing her figure skating career with full-time college student life is a difficult task but has learned how to manage it well. She does this is by sticking to a structured schedule. Victoria pushes herself to go directly to the gym after a day of training before going home for the night. Eating healthy is also a critical part to Victoria’s schedule and success as well, “Knowing the proper foods to eat at certain times of my day really helps give me the extra push I need to get through that last set of pull-ups or the last minute of my long program.” Although she has a busy schedule, Victoria is not all work and no play. She says that by sticking to her set schedule, she knows when she can afford time to go out and have fun with her friends.

She will be ready to compete at the 2017 State Games of America and excited to show the judges the programs she has put together and all she has accomplished so far. Her achievements would not have been possible without the support from friends and family. Victoria especially values her grandmother’s encouragement and care, “She has always cheered me on, encouraged me, been by my side through thick and thin. I am thrilled she will be accompanying me on my trip to Grand Rapids!” We look forward to watching Victoria in the State Games of America. She is truly an inspiration for all athletes to work hard and push the limits.    

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