MVP: Bryan Meyer

When Bryan Meyer hears the starter’s command, “on your marks, get set,” he feels the adrenaline and knows it is time to put his training to use. He describes how in the moment of silence before the gun sounds, “you are truly focused on the race before you. All your training comes down to that very moment. You are so ready to explode out of those blocks and your heart is pounding and the adrenaline is flowing. For me there is no better moment than that.” After three decades away Bryan was eager to experience this again.
Bryan originally started to feel the exhilaration of track during the spring of his sophomore year of high school after he broke his collarbone playing football. With his father’s encouragement and love for the sport, he decided to give track and field a try. Bryan quickly realized his skill set was in sprinting and jumping. His high school highlights included becoming a Regional Champion in long jump, and running on a relay team that broke a 32-year-old record. His dedication to track even led him to miss his high school graduation for a meet. Bryan thought the end of high school was also the end of his track and field career.

Fast forward three decades later and Bryan is back on his high school track. At age 49, he was unhappy with his weight and wanted to make a change. His current job as a land surveyor in Wisconsin has him moving around, but he was anxious for more activity. He started sprinting and timing himself, which caused him to wonder how he would do compared to other people his age. This sparked an interest in competing again, and he registered for the 2014 Wisconsin Badger State Games. He won three medals at these Games, calling the event his “athlete rebirth,” and has been competing since.

Bryan is looking forward to coming to Michigan to compete in the 2017 State Games of America, “I’ve visited this beautiful state several times on vacations but now I’ll get to visit the amazing city of Grand Rapids and compete against the best athletes from across the country.” His first experience with the State Games of America was in 2015 in Lincoln Nebraska and is excited about being a part of the action again. 

Along with the excitement, there are also struggles for Bryan when running. The challenging part for him is knowing how much to train for each event. He trains himself and is sometimes unsure of how much is too much for his body. In the past, he has struggled with peaking too early for track meets. He knows he needs to slow his approach as the State Games of America gets closer, “My hope is that I can reach my peak performance at The Games.”


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