Athlete Spotlight: Marc LaForest, Archery

By: Abby Murphy 


When asked his proudest accomplishment, with no pause or hesitation Marc LaForest answered, “Absolutely my kids, without a doubt!” LaForest began taking part in the Games three years ago for his family. Together, him and one of his daughters participated in archery, and his wife and other daughter participated in swimming. The Games have been a family affair and something they all look forward to ever since. 

Marc LaForest, age 43, won “Adult Male Athlete of the Year” because of his outstanding attitude, effort, and sportsmanship. He does not take part in the Games because he is a great athlete, he takes part in the Games to inspire kids and have a good time with his family.  

Although LaForest loves to shoot, it has never been about that for him. All he wants to do is help grow the sport for youth. LaForest works with foster kids, coaches youth at a shooting club, and is always helping out his own kids, “It is all about the kids, I just want to teach and help them,” he stated. 

One year at the Games LaForest was not properly equipped for the shooting course he was on, but that did not stop him. He adjusted his equipment, adapted to the course, and figured out how to hit the target with what he had. The elite athletes were so amazed that they gathered around LaForest to watch him shoot. Afterwards, LaForest was able to take the giant target with him to the shooting club that he coaches youth athletes at. With the target, he showed the kids that, he too is not perfect, and misses the target, but told them to never give up. 

LaForest grew up in the upper peninsula of Michigan. This is where he first learned to shoot, and spent much of his time looking up to his grandfather, who LaForest described as “a real self-made man.” Now LaForest passes that onto his own kids: in his house, at his job, and at his club. He gives up so much of his own time and training to help others, and would not have it any other way. To shoot and compete alongside Marc LaForest, check out the various shooting events for State Games of America.