H.Y.P.E. Wall: Anna C., "You got this Anna! This is your time to RISE! We all Love You!" -Dad, Mom, Miss Kathy, Jake and Luke   Shiloh Justice, "So proud of all that you have accomplished so far, can't wait to see what you will do next." -Love Mom & Dad   Gianna & Nichola, "Swim FASST Gi'Amazing & Flyi'Nichola! We're so proud and We Love You!!!" -Dad & Mom and Keana (Frisco, TX)  Anna Audrey S., "Skate Great!" -Mom, Dad, & Lucas   Nicholas R., "Stay positive, work hard, make it happen. Greatness is earned, never awarded. We can't wait to watch you swim!" -We love you - Dad & Mom, Natalie & Lindsey   Julia C., "You are capable. You are deserving. You are talented. You are loved! We love you and are proud of you." -Mom and Dad   Luke C., "Keep reaching for greatness in the pool and in life. Make the most of every race and every day. We love you and are proud of you!" -Mom and Dad   Brandon M. / Deer Park Seals, "We are so proud of you Brandon and all the Seals! Swim your hearts out and have FUN!" -Love Mom, Dad, Joey, Grandma and Grandpa, and all your family   Lindsey & Jackson L., "Way to go guys!!! We are so proud of you!! Love you both so very much!!" -Mom & Richard      Tri-State Toe Picks FSC,"SK8GR8 Tri-State Toe Picks FSC Skaters! Congratulations on qualifying for State Games! Have fun and smile!" -The Culp Family           
Keith Wolverton
Email: kwol47@comcast.net

John Schowalter
Email: pajon@aol.com

MSA Fieldhouse
5435 28th St. Court SE
Grand Rapids, MI
[View Map]

MSA Woodland
2100 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508
Phone: (616) 328-8120
[View Map]

August 3-6, 2017

MSA Fieldhouse:                                        MSA Woodland:
Aug 3:  WD
Aug 4:  MX
Aug 5:  MS
Aug 6:  MD
Aug 3:  WD, MS 70+, MS 75+
Aug 4:  MX
Aug 5:  WS (MS may overflow to this location)
Aug 6:  MD
WD = Women’s Doubles, MX = Mixed Doubles, MS=Men’s Singles, MD = Men’s Doubles   
In July, you’ll be advised as to which location to attend.
Click here to view the schedule


Registration has closed for Pickleball. Click here to find your registration.

This is a double elimination skills/age tournament.  For partnership play, you will be first placed on a wait-list until both partners are registered.  Time limitations in the four-day period will potentially limit the number of players to register.  This is a sanctioned tournament and you must be a USAPA member.  Eligibility requirements for registering may be found on this website.
Skill Levels: 2.5-5.0 for Singles, Men's/Women's/Mixed Doubles
Age brackets 2.5-4.5: 19+, 35+, 50+, 60+, 65+, 70+, and 75+. 
For 5.0 Play Only: 19+, 50+, 60+
For 70+ and 75+:  Game format is age only.

Fee:  $50 Sep – May;   $60 June – Jul 14, 2017 (one fee for all events)

- Tournament Ball: Onix Pure 2 Indoor Ball 
- Players may not register more than one time each for doubles, mixed, and/or singles
- In doubles, skill level determined first by highest skill level of partners and then youngest age of    
- Age is determined as of December 31, 2017
- We reserve the right to change game format and age brackets where necessary.

2017 State Games of America merchandise will be available for purchase during events on Saturday and Sunday outside at the MSA Fieldhouse or on our website now

2017 State Games of America bronze, silver and gold medals will be given in each category/division 


Sport Specific Questions: Contact Sport Director Keith Wolverton at

Registration Questions: Contact Sports Director 
John Schowalter at pajon@aol.com

Website Questions: Contact the State Games of America office at 616-608-1855 or registration@stategamesofamerica.org

All dates, times, locations and formats are tentative at this time. The West Michigan Sports Commission reserves the right to make changes to the sport information noted on this page. Some dates, locations and times may change due to registration numbers. Participants are encouraged to check sport info often for any changes.

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