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Shooting Sports - Pistol

Saturday, August 5th 

Grand Rapids Rifle & Pistol Club
1331 Nagel Ave. SW
Wyoming, MI
[View Map]

Ron Carr
Email: carr_ron@att.net

$25.00 until June 1st, 2017
$30.00 until July 1st, 2017
(price is subject to a $3.00 convenience fee)​


22 Pistol 22 Pistol 22 Pistol 
One Hand Unsupported  Any Sight – No laser Sights Two Hand Unsupported Any Sight - No laser Sights Two Hand Unsupported  Iron Sight 
NRA B-3 target 50’  11x17 Action target 50' 11x17 Action Target
  • Jr – 12 – 15 years old
  • Open
  • Senior 60 & older
  • Women
  • Jr – 12 – 15 years old
  • Open
  • Senior 60 & older
  • Women
  • Jr – 12 – 15 years old
  • Open
  • Senior 60 & older
  • Women

Centerfire Pistol Centerfire Pistol Centerfire Pistol
One Hand Unsupported Any Sight  No laser Sights Two Hand Unsupported Iron Sights – No laser Sights Two Hand Unsupported Any Sight – No laser Sights
NRA B-3 target 50’ 11x17 Action target 50’ 11x17 Action target
  • Open
  • Senior
  • Women
  • Open
  • Senior 60 & older
  • Women
  • Open
  • Senior
  • Women

10:00 AM (22 calibers only)
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
1:00 PM
2:00 PM

20 shots slow fire     2-10 shot string in 10 minutes each
20 shots slow fire     4-5 shot strings in 20 seconds each
20 shots slow fire     4-5 shot strings in 10 seconds each

60 shots - 600 possible points - total X's will be used to break ties

22 caliber pistol firing 22 short, long or rifle ammunition
Centerfire Pistol - Any centerfire pistol 32 caliber and above, no magnum or +P
Eye and hearing protection is required
Empty Chamber Indicators are required, available from Range Officer
Match will be fired at 50'
Competitors may enter 2 classes max
There will be a mandatory safety meeting before each relay

2017 State Games of America bronze, silver and gold medals will be given in each category/division 


Sport Specific Questions: Contact Sport Director Ron Carr at carr_ron@att.net

Online Registration/Website Questions: Contact the State Games of America office at 616-608-1855 or registration@stategamesofamerica.org

All dates, times, locations and formats are tentative at this time. The West Michigan Sports Commission reserves the right to make changes to the sport information noted on this page. Some dates, locations and times may change due to registration numbers. Participants are encouraged to check sport info often for any changes.

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