Colette & Elyse Levens: Multi-Sport, Michigan
: There might not be a more dynamic duo than the thirteen-year-old Levens twin sisters. Colette and Elyse Levens won the “Youth Female Athletes of the Year” award and it is not a surprise as to why. These twin sisters do it all. This year alone, they are competing in the State Games of America’s competitive swim, cross country, and water ski.


Marc LaForest: Archery, MichiganWhen asked his proudest accomplishment, with no pause or hesitation Marc LaForest answered, “Absolutely my kids, without a doubt!” LaForest began taking part in the Games three years ago for his family. Together, him and one of his daughters participated in archery, and his wife and other daughter participated in swimming. The Games have been a family affair and something they all look forward to ever since. 


John Schowalter: Pickleball, MichiganThe events at the State Games are not put on by magic. John Schowalter is one of the many volunteers who helps put on the Meijer State Games of Michigan. Schowalter, age 70, is one of the head volunteers for the pickleball tournament. From registration through the very last pickleball match, Schowalter is working hard and long nights for all the pickleball participants. The Meijer State Games of Michigan pickleball tournament is run basically flawless, due to all his and all the other volunteer’s hard work.


Janet Brady: Track and Field, MichiganPeople are never too old to get started in something new. Janet Brady, age 59, took this to heart, and it has been paying off. She played many different team sports in high school, but it was not until age fifty that she started track and field events. Brady has won over 100 medals and awards now in track and field. One of those awards included being honored in Atlantic City for winning the National Congress of State Games Adult Female Athlete of the Year.

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