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Table Tennis

August 5-6, 2017


Dell Sweeris

DeVos Place Convention Center
303 Monroe Ave. NW
Grand Rapids, MI
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Hardbat Singles**   
10 & Under    
13 & Under    
Recreational Doubles*   
60 & Over   
Recreational Singles*
17 & Under   
40 & Over    

*Recreational Singles is restricted to players who are playing their first tournament or players whose Ratings Central rating is 1050 or less. Recreational Doubles is similarly restricted to new players and teams with combined ratings of 2100 or less.
**Hardbat games are to 21, with two out of three games for a match. Players alternate groups of five serves. If the score reaches 20-20, players alternate serve to the end of the game. Hardbat paddles have pips out rubber with no sponge; the rubber must be the same on both sides.

Open Singles***
A Singles
B Singles
C Singles
Women's Singles
Women's 60 & Over
Mixed Doubles
Open Doubles

***Open Singles consists of two round robins followed by medal rounds. The first round robin serves to sort players into three divisions. Each division will have a second set of round robins, and the results of these determine the players who advance to the medal round. Medals are awarded in each of the three divisions. Class A determines the State Games of America Champion. The overall format may change if there are a large number of entries. In particular, there might be more divisions, and some may be based on ratings rather than classification matches.



First Event: $30 per participant Additional Events: $20 per participant 
(price is subject to a $3.00 convenience fee) 

*If registering for multiple events, all entries must occur in the same transaction to receive the multi-event discount.

Doubles Registration: If registering for a doubles event, the participant must still select “Myself” or “Another Participant” on the first step of the registration process. The participant will be asked to list the doubles partner’s names. Entering their name DOES NOT register them for the event. Both team members must register themselves, or the participant can register the partner by selecting “Another Participant” on the first step of the registration process.

Participants registering online will be prompted to enter their USATT rating before check-out. A rating IS NOT required to register.

* Grassroots event, this is not a sanctioned event, however is hosted by USTTA members 

The specific format of each event depends on the number of players entered (in particular, see the note for Open Singles). Players in any event with at least 4 entrants are guaranteed at least 3 matches. If there are fewer than 6 entrants, the event will consist of a single round robin.

Events with 6 or more entrants will be divided into smaller round robins, with a medal round to follow. Where possible, players will be seeded into round robins in an effort to avoid grouping the top players together. Recreational singles may require a second set of round robins before the medal round.

For more information
tournament format, please click here.

2017 State Games of America bronze, silver and gold medals will be given in each category/division 

Be minutes away from the DeVos Place when you stay at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, the JW Marriott, the Courtyard by Marriott, Homewood Suites by Hilton Downtown or the Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown. Take advanage of the discounted athlete rate by booking thorugh the State Games of America. Click here to book your hotel.


Sport Specific Questions: Contact Sports Director Dell Sweeris at dsweeris@sweeristt.com

For event/registration questions contact the State Games of Michigan office at 616-608-1855 or registration@stategamesofamerica.org

All dates, times, locations and formats are tentative at this time. The West Michigan Sports Commission reserves the right to make changes to the sport information noted on this page. Some dates, locations and times may change due to registration numbers. Participants are encouraged to check sport info often for any changes.

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