16 and Saving the World

MVP: Avalon Jade Theisen

By: Abby Murphy


Avalon Jade Theisen, age 16, has been doing yoga for as long as she can remember. She had yoga books and videos growing up that she would practice and learn from. Recently Theisen has also become a yoga instructor so she help and teach others.

Theisen says, “I really enjoy teaching, I have always been service oriented, so I want to be able to help others in yoga.”

On top of helping people through yoga, Theisen started her own nonprofit when she was just nine years old. Her nonprofit is called Conserve It Forward. Conserve It Forward has helped her connect with many partners and together they work on conserving the environment, inspiring others, and educating people on how amazing nature is. Theisen has spoken at the white house, traveled to 26 countries, and leaves a footprint wherever she goes.

She explains, “Community service has always been a huge part of my life. I love knowing I can make someone smile or bring nature inside to people who can’t experience it outside. My goals are to inspire respect, make people smile, and peace build.”

When Theisen is not saving the world, or practicing yoga, she spends quite a bit of time studying. She is dual enrolled and will be graduating high school a year early with her associate’s degree. Theisen is looking forward to college and plans to double major in psychology and religious studies. With that she hopes to gain a better understanding of people and the world.

Theisen tells, “I want to be able to inspire mutual understanding and respect across people and various religions.”

At age 16 Theisen is an amazingly driven and motivated individual. She is excited to compete and promote yoga at the State Games of America 2017. She looks up to her parents as role models and is grateful for all their support.

While getting ready to compete she says, “It is important to support your fellow athletes, even if it is a competition, it helps you grow as a person to aid your fellow athletes.”


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