Athlete Spotlight: Cassie Waggoner, Track & Field

By: Abby Murphy 



Track and field athlete, pageant winner, softball player, Cassie Waggoner never takes a break. At age 24, Waggoner is a retired college track athlete who has broken records, earned many medals, won a few pageants, and is not done yet. Waggoner continues a very successful journey through track and field and is ready to head off to compete in the State Games of America 2017.

Cassie Waggoner started her journey by trying to find ways to get out of school for a few days. Waggoner chose track meets to be her out. In eighth grade, she first got started in high jump to be able to leave school for meets, but then she began to excel at it and fell in love. She went on to compete in high school and for Benectine college. She broke her high school’s high jump record and tied Benectine College’s outdoor record. Now, as a retired college athlete, Waggoner goes to different states to compete and enjoys every part of it.

Waggoner explained some of the struggles of keeping of level head. Even after doing this for many years, she still gets nervous before every jump. She knows she can make the jump but she still must work on reminding herself of that and maintaining a positive mindset before going. Waggoner is always working on breaking that mental hurdle. She loves to go against hard athletes because it pushes her all that much more. She forces herself to stay in good spirits and be confident in her abilities. Waggoner also enjoys meeting all the different people at meets and making new friends who are all going through the same thing as she is.

As track and field is her sport of choice, Waggoner does much more to stay active. She began playing softball with her fiancé five years ago and now plays just about every day. When not on the field or on the track she is normally weight training to stay active and in shape for her sports as well as for pageants. Waggoner has won the Miss Kansas USA pageant for the past two years. She stays very busy and enjoys partaking in all of it. She has now gone on coaching others in track in field. This was always a goal of hers and she enjoys being able to teach others what she loves to do.

Waggoner looked up to her grandmother. They were very close before she passed away. Her grandma was one of her biggest fans and supporters. She was five foot four inches and always wanted Waggoner to be able to jump her height. Shortly before Waggoner’s last college meet, her grandmother passed away. This was extremely difficult for Waggoner, but helped push her through to meet her goals. It was at that meet that she accomplished her grandmother’s wishes. She cleared five feet four inches and burst into tears of joy. Waggoner explained that that moment is her proudest accomplishment, none of her medals or awards, but doing what her grandma always wanted.

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