Athlete Spotlight: Chris Wallace, Track and Field

By: Abby Murphy 



Five surgeries and a heart attack has been nothing short of motivation for 60-year-old track and field athlete Chris Wallace.

Chris Wallace out of Arizona has been active his entire life. In high school, he played all kinds of sports including competing in long jump. When Wallace took time off from sports and long jump he had physical jobs and worked out regularly to stay in shape.

Around age 48, Wallace got back into track and field through senior sports. He had to have knee surgery, shoulder surgery, and a couple other surgeries. Right around his 50th birthday, Wallace suffered from a heart attack. Many people might call it quits after all this but not Wallace.

He says, “The heart attack motivated me. I was ready to compete again. If people older than me can do it, I can do it.”

7 months after his heart attack, Wallace competed in track and field for the first time since high school, and every year after, injury permitting. Now, about ten year since his heart attack, Wallace is still working, working out, traveling, and competing.

Wallace really looks up to triathlon competitors in the Olympics because they do so much. He loves all sports though and has much respect for athletes who are always working hard. He is training almost every day himself. Wallace is often out on the track before the sun comes up and the Arizona heat is still bearable. If he is not on the track training, he is most likely lifting weights or biking.

Wallace explains why he loves it so much, “The comradery is great, you start to know guys from all over the country. It can get competitive and I like the challenge and thrill of it. Track and field is really an addiction.”

Wallace has gone all over the US to compete and even went to France to compete in the world championship through USA track and field. His wife travels to his meets with him and they like to make mini vacations out of them. They are excited to be coming to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the State Games of America 2017.

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