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Steve Gross
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DeVos Place Convention Center
303 Monroe Ave. NW
Grand Rapids, MI

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August 5-6, 2017


Michigan Youth Wrestling Association - West Region Staff 


Age Groups are determined by year of birth. (A wrestler's birthday as of December 31, 2016). Proof of age will be required if wrestler is challenged within the first two rounds of competition.  A birth certificate is the only form of validation that will be accepted. 


ANYONE with any questionable skin issue or condition must have the appropriate Communicable Disease Form filled out and signed by the doctor (MD) with you at all times, and is subject to review during weigh-ins and during wrestling by the Head Official and Trainer on site.  We take this very seriously.

  • Hear gear is Optional
  • Mouth guards Mandatory for wrestlers with braces for both upper, lower or both.
  • Hair caps are Mandatory for wrestlers not groomed to HS standards. (Hair length must be above eyebrow, earlobes, and collar.)
  • No facial hair. Mustache as long as it doesn’t go below the bottom lip.  Groomed to HS standards

2017 State Games of America bronze, silver and gold medals will be given in each category/division 


Contact the State Games of Michigan office at 616-608-1855 or registration@stategamesofamerica.org

All dates, times, locations and formats are tentative at this time. The West Michigan Sports Commission reserves the right to make changes to the sport information noted on this page. Some dates, locations and times may change due to registration numbers. Participants are encouraged to check sport info often for any changes.


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