Eligibility Requirements

2019 State Games of America

In order of priority, the following are eligible to participate in the 2019 State Games of America:

Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland Residents

ALL VIRGINIA, WEST VIRGINIA, AND MARYLAND RESIDENTS ARE ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE and can register into the State Games of America like a traditional VA Commonwealth Games at Liberty University Summer Games.

Non-Virginia Residents

All gold, silver and bronze medalists from National Congress of State Games (NCSG) Member State programs (Winter and Summer) in 2017 (after July 1), 2018 and prior to July 1 of 2019 are eligible to compete in SGA 2019. All medalists from any previous State Games of America are also eligible to compete.

Note: Any athlete who has qualified in any event within a particular sport will be eligible to participate in all applicable events within said sport. i.e. A Track & Field athlete who only qualifies in one event in Track & Field, would be eligible to enter as many events within Track & Field at SGA 2019 as they like, or are allowed by the sport.

NCSG Neighboring State Policy

Due to athletes in West Virginia and Maryland not having a NCSG full or developing member organization and since these states are geographically connected to the State of Virginia, these athletes will be allowed to compete in the State Games of America similar to normal VA Commonwealth Games at Liberty University years.


The National Congress of State Games reserves the right to grant exceptions to participate in SGA 2019 “Participation” sports. List of "Medal" and "Participation" sports.

Team Sports/Relays

Non-Virginia teams/relays that have qualified for SGA 2019 must register into the age category of the current age of the players on the roster. In addition, the SGA 2019 roster must be made up of at least 50% of the qualifying team/relay.

Additional Eligibility Notes

The State Games of America is organized in accordance with the National Congress of State Games SGA Executive Committee guidelines. For sport-specific formats, guidelines and rules, see the sport information page. High School and Collegiate athletes who have eligibility questions should check with their school athletic administrator or coach. Any athlete with scholastic or collegiate eligibility remaining must comply with rules governing his or her scholastic or collegiate eligibility.

The State Games of America reserves the right to refuse entry.

 For registration questions please contact Registration@stategamesofamerica.com